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IMAGINE what it would feel like to be in a state of equanimity day in and day out? To be able to face life in a way that enables you to flow with the peaks and valleys? Would you like to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself and those that you interact with in your personal and professional life?   Would you like to discover a solution to removing your emotional, spiritual or physical blocks? If SO, then the unique, customized programs I have designed will be RIGHT for YOU.

Immersion Retreat in Tucson, AZ
One on One Spa for the Soul

When you make the choice to immerse yourself in the ‘Soul Spa’ experience, you learn to explore and understand your inner landscape in new ways, which guides you to reach your Soul’s Potential. You will travel into realms that will support your evolutionary journey in all areas of your life.

From the moment you enter into this experience, you are in a sanctuary, which nurtures your Essence. You will be bathed in Source energy and vibrational frequencies, which release emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks. With this ‘interference’ removed from your system, you will be recharged and connected with your natural flow of Divine source energy. Upon completion of your retreat experience, you will have the tools to move deeply and quickly with clarity and knowing of your inner landscape.

What Is Included in Soul Retreat

1. Initial Consultation Session: In the initial 45-minute phone conversation you have the opportunity to share and explore the challenging areas of your life that you would like to modify and change. These can be in any or all the following realms: physical, emotional, spiritual or nutritional. This session will allow us to become aligned and focused on your intention in support of the enfoldment of your Soul Spa experience.

2. Onsite Spa for the Soul Retreat

– Spa for the Soul Sessions: You will have two sessions per day lasting approximately 2 hours each.

We will have time to focus on the areas that have been identified in our initial consultation conversation, thus creating a fluid and organic experience. Your daily Soul Spa includes all aspects of my synergistic therapeutic system, which includes:
Jin Shin Jyutsu, a complex yet simple healing art; the purpose of which is to release the tensions that cause various physical and emotional symptoms. The body contains energy pathways that feed life into all cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked it leads to pain or discomfort. This profound system enlists the body’s wisdom to balance the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

Crystal Healing Bath, which combines the power of Color and Crystal Healing Therapy. This energy stream produces beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels of being. As the color is transmitted through the crystals into the corresponding Chakra, the chakra is cleansed, energized and brought into balance. The Crystal Bath Healing cleanses, balances and recharges the body’s energy and creates a deep relaxation.

Crystal Vibration Sound Healing, Hearing the sound of the crystal bowls awakens an ancient remembering, touching the essence of the soul. Sound is auditory color. Each of the energy centers (chakras) is associated with a specific tone of the musical scale.

Spiritual Guidance and Rainforest Bioenergetics

3. Integration/Relaxation Time: You will have ample time during each day to integrate, rest, journal, meditate and dream during your spa experience. If you do not already have a daily meditation practice, a customized meditation practice will be provided so that you will be able utilize once you return home.

4. Customized Gift Bag: Items are chosen that aid you in anchoring and supporting your ‘Soul Spa’ experience and may include:

– Your own personal journal to capture your insights during your retreat.

– One to two relevant books hand selected by me.

– A touchstone or physical icon to anchor your experience

– “Breath Beads” for use in customized Meditation Practice

5. Post Consultation Session: Within two weeks following your One On One Spa, we will schedule a conversation to support and enhance your integration back into everyday life. After your deep immersion experience this dialogue is a critical, integrative component for you.

What you May Experience in the Spa as well as individual sessions……….

  •  Benefits and Personal Changes
  •  Sense of freedom
  •  More joy
  •  Ignite the inner light, connecting to your core and aligning with flow of your Divine destiny
  •  Profound Unwinding of Physical and Emotional Bodies
  •  Deep Relaxation, which enables the Body and Soul to heal
  •  Connection to your core inner strength
  •  Balanced clarity
  •  Harmony in all areas of life
  •  Releases emotions held at the cellular level
  •  Enhances creativity


What My Clients Have to Say:

Kendall-SummerHawk“Harini’s extraordinary work has not only made a significant difference in my body, it’s opened up my channels of creativity so much that my business is blossoming beyond belief. I swear my best ideas come when laying under the Crystal Bath lights or when she’s delivering her hands-own body work magic. If you are interested in an experience that is both transcendental and transformational, then let me tell you, Harini is for you!”

– Kendall SummerHawk Million Dollar Marketing Coach,


“After completing my One-on-One Spa for the Soul Experience with master healer and spiritual guide, Harini. I’ve noticed two very, very curious things: #1 I am much calmer about everything in my life; #2 Anything I am not calm about IMMEDIATELY rises to the surface with speed. I now have a sense of being a part of something much, much bigger than myself: Harini’s spiritual guidance on personal matters put me greatly at ease, even when I needed to address matters that triggered guilt, embarrassment or shame. Various pains in my neck and low back have evaporated. Many business challenges disappeared, bringing new opportunities in their place. Do whatever you can to work with Harini in whatever capacity you can. Your mind, body and SOUL will thank you!”
– Baeth Davis, www.HandAnalyst .com , Tucson, AZ

“I loved every minute of the One on One Spa for the Soul retreat. I got up each day looking forward to my sessions. I still don’t have the exact words to describe Harini and her work, but I felt the positive impact on my mind, emotions and body. This work is better than any psychoanalyst or body worker I have been to. I keep her words in my mind and soul to stay strong in my new convictions. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to keep my heart open at the same time staying rooted in my inner strength. I thank you for the transformation you have allowed me to begin. I look forward to working with Harini on an ongoing basis and can’t wait to come back for another Soul Spa.”

– V.G., Paris, France



Over the course of the past 30 years she has worked with thousands of clients, gathering extensive experience and insight into what the ingredients are for true intimacy, connection and fulfillment while on this journey of Life. In response to her accumulated wisdom and discoveries, she chose to create the signature One on One Spa for the Soul experience. These in-depth opportunities will harness YOUR Universal Energy enabling you to live the Life you were destined to.

Harini has passionately dedicated her life to the pursuit of Spirit and to the deepening and purifying of her own vehicle in order to serve others. I have a unique way of bringing Light into the lives of others through her creativity, dedication and her embodiment of the higher principles of the Universe. Her path has been eclectic, but her goal of awakening and living in the Truth has been singular.

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